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Informing the tramway operator of your event.

It is important for the safe operation of the Blackpool tramway that the tramway operator is kept informed of any events and activities taking place on the seafront. This will enable them to inform their drivers, staff or track workers of any unusual or additional activity, which may impact on the safe running of the network.
If your event impacts on the tramway in anyway, for example this could be a large number of people crossing the tram tracks, vehicles crossing, temporary structures built on the promenade.

Music/ entertainment  taking place on the Promenade

Any event that is likely to encourage  a crowd/audience to gather, the tramway operator and those working on the tramway will need to know about it by applying for a tramway safety permit. 
Small events and activities with minimal or no impact on the tramway may not require you to apply for a permit. You are still requested to contact the tramway safety officer for advice and guidance. 
The only exception is  those holding a  small fundraiser with less than 50 persons attending. Your completed notification form will be automatically  forwarded to the tramway safety officer who may contact you if he considers your event requires you to apply for tramway safety permit .


You can contact the tramway safety officer at:

Telephone: 01253 476145