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Safety advisory group

Events check 

You may be referred to/ or need to inform the Blackpool Events Safety Advisory Group (SAG) if you are planning a larger , unusual or more complex event.

This may include use of: 

  • Live entertainment
  • Pyrotechnics / Fireworks 
  • Use of generators and other electrical equipment 
  • Portable staging and other temporary structures 
  • Inflatable structures
  • Road closure 
  • Alcohol / Food concessions 
  • Fairground equipment 
  • Bonfire / Barbecues
  • Animals

Typical events the SAG will consider include, but are not limited to: 

  • Open air concerts / entertainment and music festivals
  • Airshows 
  • Firework displays 
  • Sporting events
  • Marathons 
  • Triathlons 
  • Fun runs
  • Cycle races
  • Motor racing
  • Celebrity appearances
  • VIP visits
  • Filming
  • Processions, marches and carnivals 
  • Promotional activities and stunts 
  • Political events
  • Religious events
  • Events involving the armed forces 
  • Trade shows
  • Fetes and fairs 
  • Street parties 

About SAG  

The SAG comprises of senior representatives  from the Police, Ambulance and Fire services, The Marketing Blackpool events team, Blackpool Business Improvement District, Blackpool Transport Services and senior officers from Blackpool Council. Other relevant organisations are invited to meetings as required.  

For many types of event there is a great deal of organising involved and the SAG will offer advice and help to event organisers, particularly where public safety is concerned. The group will consider event plans looking at content and structure of safety systems and will comment on matters such as: health and safety issues, licensing requirements, traffic issues including road closures, medical cover and much more, which event organisers may find useful when planning their event.  

Some types of event may require you to attend one of the SAG meetings to discuss your proposals. Smaller events may not require your attendance.   

Where licences are required, applications must be submitted separately to the Blackpool Council licensing service. 

The role of the SAG is to advise the best course of action or points of contact for an event. It does not approve or refuse permission to hold an event. Should the organiser of an event however choose to ignore or go against the advice of the SAG, further action may be taken by one or more members within their role and legal powers.

Although all comments and observations made by the SAG are advisory, they are made by professionals in the interest of public safety. 

How the Safety Advisory Group works 

Meeting monthly, they act as an essential point of contact for anyone organising a larger or unusual event to which the public are invited. They ask that an event organiser check the above list to assess if your event plans will be discussed by the Safety Advisory Group.  

An event notification form  together with supporting documentation will need to be submitted via the council's online system to the SAG.  If this is not possible or the files are too large, hard copies may be forwarded for the attention of the Marketing Blackpool events team 

It is asked that the information is received by the SAG ideally at least 12 weeks in advance of an event taking place (larger more complex events may require longer). This will ensure enough time for the SAG to review and respond/provide comments and observations about your event plans and health and safety systems. 

Completed notification forms and event plans will be circulated to all members for review and comment. Members of  SAG provide advice and guidance on their specific areas of responsibility to the event organiser.  If necessary members of SAG may request a meeting with the event organiser.  The chair of SAG keeps written records of meetings and ensures all comments/advice to event organisers are clearly documented.  In some circumstances some members of SAG will monitor events to ensure standards are maintained. If required you may be asked to attend an event debrief after your event.  


Contact with the Blackpool Events Safety Advisory Group can be made by completing the online events notification form or through:

Visit Blackpool events team

PO Box 4, Blackpool, FY1 1NA
Telephone 01253 478231/01253 478204