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The role of Blackpool Council in a major incident

When a major incident, emergency or disaster strikes, quite often it is the emergency services that are called upon first to provide assistance. The local authority also has a key role in responding to major incidents and can provide a variety of support to the community and the emergency services, including:

  • Traffic management such as road closures and diversions
  • Transport
  • Building safety
  • Safe refuge and temporary accommodation
  • Reception centres for friends and family of those affected by major incidents
  • Crisis support
  • Interpreters
  • Environmental Health advice
  • Clearance of the highway

During emergencies Blackpool Council will use it's Twitter feed and Facebook page to post updates and notices.

Some of the above would not be possible without the help of volunteers from across the council and voluntary sector. Blackpool Council works together with other local authorities and relevant organisations to support and resource any emergency response.

Once the 'emergency' phase of an incident is over and the emergency services start to withdraw from the scene of a major incident the local authority is responsible for the co-ordination of any 'recovery' phase that maybe required. This can often be a lengthy process and usually involves working with the community and businesses in order to assist in the restoration process.

Emergency plan

Blackpool Council has developed a generic emergency plan that provides a framework for response and co-ordinating their efforts with other organisations.