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Blackpool Council tattoo rating scheme rules

  1. All premises offering tattooing within Blackpool Council’s administrative area shall participate in the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme (THRS)
  2. Irrespective of any other services offered by the premises the THRS shall apply to the tattooing procedure only. The safety and hygiene of other services may still be checked at the time of visit, ie piercings
  3. Tattooing premises will be rated by the inspecting officer in accordance with the rating scheme following a programmed or initial inspection carried out under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 (hereinafter called ‘the Act’) 
  4. Upon the THRS rating being awarded the council shall give the operator of the premises a THRS certificate indicating the date of the rating inspection and the rating awarded. The operator of the premises may display the certificate within the premises to which it relates, where it will be readily seen by potential customers
  5. The THRS Certificate remains the property of Blackpool Council and must be returned by the premises operator to the council on demand
  6. A list of all premises in Blackpool having a rating awarded under the THRS will be publicised on the Blackpool Council website
  7. Owners of premises with a THR may refer to or display their current rating on advertising material and websites should they wish to do so.
  8. Where an operator of premises displays a THRS certificate (or sticker from previous scheme) that is no longer valid through it being superseded, or claims in any advertising material display or manner to be the holder of a THR that is incorrect or makes any claim with regard to the scheme that is misleading in any material particular he shall be liable to prosecution under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008
  9. Owners of premises may ask the local authority rerate their premises where they are of the view that the rating currently awarded to the premises no longer reflects the conditions existing there. This will be at a cost of £120 due to the allocation of extra resources
  10. Where an operator of premises is aggrieved by the THRS Rating awarded to his premises he may appeal to the council. The grounds under which an appeal may be made are;
    1. That the rating allocated to the premises does not properly reflect conditions existing within it at the time of the rating visit, or
    2. that the rating criteria were incorrectly applied
  11. The appeal must be made in writing within 21 days of the notification of the THRS rating and must state the grounds upon which the appeal is founded. The appeal shall be determined in accordance with the local authority appeal mechanism which will be communicated to the owner at the same time as the THRS rating is communicated, and the determination shall be binding on both parties