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Tattoo hygeine rating scheme inspection aide-memoire

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Rating level 1

Any premises not achieving all of the requirements of rating level 2 shall be rated as level 1

Rating level 2

To achieve a rating of level 2 the premises must achieve all of the following requirements:

Cleanliness of premises and fittings

Level 2 criteria
Reference RequirementMet or not applicable


All general areas (including any internal wall, door, window, partition, floor, floor covering or ceiling) is kept clean and in such good repair as to enable it to be cleaned effectively.



Any waste material or other litter arising from treatment must be placed immediately after use in an appropriate waste receptacle with a pedal operated lid and be handled and disposed of in accordance with relevant legislation and guidance as advised by the local authority.



Any needle, razor or other sharp item used in treatment is disposed of in a sharps container that is kept out of reach of clients and the general public in accordance with relevant legislation and guidance as advised by the local authority.



Any furniture, fitting or waste receptacle in the premises is kept clean and in such good repair as to enable it to be cleaned effectively.



Any table, couch or seat used by a client in the practice areas which may become contaminated with blood or other body fluids, and any surface on this a needle. Instrument or equipment is placed immediately prior to treatment has a smooth impervious surface which is cleaned and disinfected

(a) immediately after use

(b) at the end of each working day



Any table, couch or other item of furniture used in treatment with which the clients’ skin comes into contact is covered by a disposable paper sheet or plastic film wrap or similar material which is changed for every client.

7 No eating or drinking is permitted in the practice area and a suitable notice is prominently displayed in the area. The only exception to this being drinking water provided for clients during the tattoo process.  
8 Animals are prohibited from the premises except for animals used by the sight and/or hearing impaired  

Treatment area

Level 2 criteria - Treatment area
Reference RequirementMet or not applicable


The clinical treatment area is physically distinct from the nonclinical area/s within the premises. All treatments are conducted solely in the treatment area that shall only be used for this purpose.



A proprietor must ensure that the floor of the treatment area is provided with a smooth surface that is impervious to water.


Cleansing and so far as it appropriate, the sterilisation of needles, instruments, materials and equipment

Level 2 requirement - Cleanliness
 Reference RequirementMet or not applicable


Any gown, wrap or other protective clothing, paper or other covering, towel, cloth or other such article used in treatment;

(a) is clean and in good repair and so far as is appropriate, is sterile.

(b) has not previously been used in connection with another client unless it consists of a material which can be and has been adequately cleansed and, so far as is appropriate, sterilised.



Any needle or other sharp item used in treatment is single-use and disposable.



Any single-use needle, metal instrument, or other instrument or equipment used in treatment or for handling such needle, instrument or equipment and any part of a hygienic piercing instrument that touches a client is sterile.



If petroleum jelly or lubricating gel is to be placed on a clients skin, enough for one client only should be removed from the stock container with a clean spatula, and placed in a container that is either disposed of at the end of each treatment or is cleaned and sterilised before re-use.



Tattoo machines and clip cords are covered with plastic which is renewed between clients and is disposed of appropriately.



Elastic bands or needle runners used on tattoo machines are changed between clients and are disposed of appropriately.



Tattoo stencils and marker pens are single use and are appropriately disposed of after use.



For the purposes of tattooing or semi-permanent skin colouring only pigment/ink dispensed into single use pots or pre-packed in single use vials is used.

19 Any container used to hold pigment/ink for tattooing or semi-permanent skin colouring is used for only one client and is disposed of together with any unused pigment/ink at the end of each treatment  
20 Plastic film wrap used to cover tattoos is clean and used straight from the pack and is secured by hypo allergenic tape.  

Adequate facilities and equipment for

(a) cleansing and disinfection, including a general purpose sink with an adequate and constant supply of hot and cold running water on the premises separate from the wash hand basin required for operator personal hygiene. This general purpose sink should be located out of the treatment area wherever possible; and

(b) sterilisation, unless only pre-sterilised items are used. All sterilisation equipment must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and maintained at manufacturer specified intervals and periodically tested by the operator to ensure its efficient operation. Records of maintenance, servicing, testing and operating cycles must be retained at teh premises until the date falling six months after the equipment is destroyed or disposed of.

22 Sufficient and safe gas points and electrical socket outlets.  
23 All sterile products are stored appropriately above floor level. Storage is clean and suitable which avoids contamination of the articles, needles, instruments and equipment.  

Record keeping

Level 2 requirements - record keeping
 Reference RequirementMet or not applicable


For the purpose of controlling the spread of infection a proprietor shall maintain a record of all clients treated in the premises and shall record

(a) Name of client

(b) Address of the client

(c) Date of birth of the client

(d) Nature of treatment (consultation, tattoo initial appointment, follow up appointments etc.)

(e) Relevant medical history, health related questions and assessment

(f) Name of the operator giving the treatment

Records shall be made available to the local authority on request



The client purchasing a tattoo or tattoo treatment shall sign a consent form for the treatment, which form shall be retained by the proprietor and which shall be made available to the local authority on request.


Cleanliness and personal hygiene of operators

Level 2 requirements - personal hygiene
 Reference RequirementMet or not applicable


Are instructed in appropriate hygienic hand decontamination techniques and washes their hand immediately before carrying out a treatment on each client.



Are instructed in the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).



Keeps his/her hands and nails clean and his/her short and free from nail varnish, nail decoration or any form of nail covering.



Does not wear wrist watches, stoned rings or other wrist jewellery whilst undertaking tattooing procedures.



Keeps any open lesion on an exposed part of the body effectively covered by an impermeable dressing.



Wears disposable, well fitting, powder free surgical gloves that conform to European Community (EC) standards, are free from rips and tears and have not previously been used with another client.



Does not were natural rubber latex (NRL) gloves for tattooing procedures involving petroleum based lubricants.



Wears a gown, wrap or protective clothing that is clean and washable and so far as is appropriate sterile and wears a single use plastic apron that is disposed of appropriately after use.



Does not smoke or consume food or drink in the treatment area.



Suitable and sufficient wash hand basins with non hand operated taps, appropriately located for the sole use of operators, including an adequate and constant supply of clean hot and cold water, liquid soap and paper towels stored in a wall mounted dispenser next to the wash hand basin. Hand washing instructions should be clearly displayed at such basins.

36 Suitable and sufficient sanitary accommodation for operators that shall be maintained in a visibly clean and hygienic condition.  
37 It will be the duty of all operatives to practice and maintain high standards of personal hygiene at all times  

Rating level 3

To achieve a rating of Level 3 the premises must achieve all the requirements of rating level 2 and all of the additional following requirements;

Level 3 requirement
 Reference RequirementMet or not applicable


To the client record required to satisfy the requirements of Rating Level 2 shall be added.

(a) Method or form of Identification used to verify date of birth of client, ensuring no person under 18 years obtains a tattoo

(b) A record of the brand and batch number of all inks used in the tattooing of the client



The proprietor shall provide all clients purchasing a tattoo or tattoo treatment with written aftercare in a form that the client can retain and take away with them.


Rating level 4

To achieve a rating of level 4 the premises must achieve all the requirements of rating level 3 and all of the additional following requirements;

Level 4 requirements
 Reference RequirementMet or not applicable


The proprietor of the business and tattoo artists practising from the premises shall be members of a trade or professional body at such level of membership as may be appropriate to the operational level, such body being defined as one whose aims and objectives include promotion of safe and hygienic tattooing practise.



Arrangements are in place to encourage staff to be immunised against Hepatitis B. The following records should be kept.

a) Details that staff have been offered immunisation against Hepatitis B and have declined

b) Where staff have been vaccinated a copy of the staff documentation of Hepatitis B vaccination, if blood test is done post vaccination to check for antibodies copy of documented proof protection against Hepatitis B



The proprietor of the premises shall have a training programme (CPD or similar) in place for all staff, which programme shall be tailored to ensure that all staff have access to training that ensures that they are competent to practice at the level at which they operate.



Staff training records (or copies thereof) shall be retained at the premises and shall be made available to the local authority on request.