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Report a change

Change in your circumstances  

Please use our online form to report any change(s) in your circumstances. Please give us as much information as you can about each change.

Once your form is submitted a benefit officer may need to contact you. Please add your contact details to the form.

Here are some examples of changes you need to tell us about that may affect you, your partner or other members of your household:

  • Start to get or stop getting Universal Credit
  • Start to get or stop getting any other type of benefit, pension, credit or allowance
  • Start work or stop working
  • Wages go up or down
  • Savings go up or down
  • Someone moving in or moving out
  • Birth of a baby
  • Any of your children leave school
  • Moving home (including a move to another flat or room at the same address)
  • Going into hospital or a rest home
  • A temporary absence from your home
This is not a full list; if you are unsure whether a change in your circumstances will affect your benefit please contact us: