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Attachment of earnings - Employer portal

We have served this order on your company as we had to seek a court order against your employee because they had failed to pay their Council Tax. The attachment of earnings order is a legal document which requires you to deduct money from their wages and pay it to us within a specified timeframe. We understand that you may not want to do this but unfortunately the law states that once the order has been served on your company there is a legal obligation to comply with it, and if you do not comply then your company could face further action through the courts.

A copy of the attachment of earnings order has also been served on your employee.

The person named on the order does work for me. What do I need to do next?

You are required to start making deductions from your employee's wages from their next pay period. You will need to confirm the employee works for you and confirm when deductions will start. This can be done on the following link.

The named person does not work for me?

It may be the case that the named person no longer works for you (or has never worked for you). If this is the case then please notify us on the following link.

How do I make deductions, and how do I make sure I comply with the order?

Most companies will have specific payroll software, or will have contracted out the payroll process, but for those who have not there will be a requirement to make manual deductions. Details on how this can be done and a number of other questions are covered in the following employer guide [PDF 493KB].