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Empty properties discount

Empty properties

Properties which become unoccupied and substantially unfurnished will receive a 100 percent discount for the first three months.

This is a property based discount and the effective date starts when the property first became unoccupied and unfurnished, irrespective of any changes in ownership or tenants

Long term empty premium

Where a property has been left empty for more than 2 years it will be subject to a Council Tax Premium - meaning for these properties the liable person will pay an additional charge on top of their normal Council Tax.

Where the property has been left empty for more than 2 years the additional premium will be 100% of the normal charge, and where the property has been empty for more than 5 years this will be 200% of the normal charge. Where the property has been empty for more than 10 years a 300% premium will be added to the charge.

Second homes

There is no discount in Blackpool for furnished second homes.

Properties undergoing major renovations or structural repairs

This scheme ended on 31 March 2020 and there is no longer any discount where a property requires or is undergoing major renovations or structural repair to render it habitable.

If the property is in a derelict or very poor state of repair then you may wish to contact the Valuation Office Agency to lodge a proposal to request the property be removed from the Council Tax Valuation List. Whilst the property appears in the Council Tax Valuation List there is an obligation to pay Council Tax.