Help if you are struggling to pay

Things to consider

You may be entitled to council tax reduction, if you rent your property you may also be entitled to housing benefit  


You may be able to apply for extra help with your council tax


Have you claimed all the benefits you are entitled to?                                                                                                        

Have you contacted us to ask if we can change your instalments? When you do please provide your full name, address, contact telephone number and council tax account number if you know it.                                                          

Are you getting all the council tax discounts or exemptions you are entitled to?                                                                                          

If you are struggling to pay it is important you contact us as soon as possible.

If you are unable to pay your bill due to  financial hardship, are struggling with household bills and/or other debts, we may be able to help. The advice team have trained and qualified money advisors who offer free, confidential advice and assistance with money and debt matters.

We may be able to suspend any further recovery action once you have spoken to the advice team.

Make an offer of payment

If you are struggling to pay your council tax or would like to pay this in a way which better suits your financial position then you can put forward an offer of payment online.

If you do not pay and ignore the problem

We do not want to take action against you for non-payment of council tax unless we really have to but if you do not pay or get in touch with us we will be obliged to take recovery action to collect the debt.

The following information explains what may happen if you do not contact us or pay.

Contact us

If you are struggling to pay your council tax then you can contact us to discuss your arrears by emailing please provide your full name, address, contact telephone number and council tax account number if you know it.                                     

Alternatively you may also seek advice from any of the following organisations or revisit the information at the top of the page.

Citizens’ Advice Bureau

6-10 Whitegate Drive, Blackpool FY1 9AQ Telephone: 01253 308400

Age UK

Help and advice for older people and their carers:

89 Abingdon Street, Blackpool FY1 1PP Telephone: 01253 622812

Blackpool Centre for the Unemployed and Residents’ Advice Service

31 King Street, Blackpool FY1 3EJ Telephone: 01253 477488

The Money Advice Service is available with help and advice if you are having problems with money.

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