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Make an offer of payment

If you are struggling to pay your council tax or would like to pay this in a way which better suits your financial position then you can put forward an offer of payment:

  • Set a payment arrangement via your One Digital Portal account (for new users this will require registration). If your offer meets our requirements then it will be automatically accepted and confirmation will be sent by post.


  • If you are struggling to pay and think you will be unable to meet our requirements then you are invited to complete our online income and expenditure form which will be reviewed by a member of our recovery team. This will however take longer to be processed - we aim to contact you within 10 working days to advise whether your offer has been accepted or if further information is required to support your offer.

Next steps

Please note: If your offer is accepted then this will only apply for the duration of your payments and will not carry forward on to any future financial years or future bill periods.

If payments are not maintained then your payment arrangement will be withdrawn and further action will follow without further notice.

Our requirements

Your arrangement will be accepted if:

  • The full balance is cleared by 31 March of the financial year in which the debt fell due
  • You have not defaulted on a payment arrangement within the last 6 month period
  • The first payment is to be made no more than 30 days from today (for monthly payments) or 12 days in the case of fortnightly payments, or 9 days in the case of weekly payments

Ongoing enforcement action

If your case is already subject to ongoing enforcement action, such as an Attachment of Earnings Order or your case has been passed to the enforcement agent, then your offer of payment will not be considered.