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Once you find out you are pregnant, you and your partner should contact the Blackpool midwifery team on 01253 956820 or 01253 953618 to sign up for your maternity care.

Before and after 12 weeks

Before you reach 12 weeks of pregnancy, you will be invited to the first stage in pregnancy appointment at your local Family Hub.

Find out more information about what happens when you are first pregnant.

From 12 weeks onwards, you will have regular appointments with your midwife who will arrange for you to have a baby ultrasound scan appointment and screening.

Your pregnancy at 16 weeks

Once you reach 16 weeks into your pregnancy, you will be eligible for a whooping cough vaccination.

You will enrol on your Baby Steps antenatal programme where you will get information, advice and guidance about your pregnancy and preparing for birth.

You will also be invited to an infant feeding workshop to help you prepare for feeding your baby. Check out the ANYA app for more information in the run up to birth and the development of your baby post-birth. 

The DadPad app is also a great guide for new dads, with information to help you care for your new baby and your partner.

Find out more about preparing for the birth.