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As you are starting out in your parenting journey, you will see someone from your midwifery team who will check in on you and your baby in the first few days.

Your health visitor will visit you at home when your baby is 0 to 14 days old and 3 to 5 weeks old to offer checks and advice on general health and wellbeing for you and your baby.

You will need to register your baby’s birth. You can do this at your local Family Hub and see your health visitor at the Well Baby Drop-in clinic.

Visit the Family Hubs page to get support when applying for child benefit, healthy start, other financial entitlements and family budgeting.

IIf you are looking to meet new parents and talk about feeding your baby milk, visit the HENRY infant feeding group.

Child’s development

All children develop at their own pace as they learn about themselves, their family and their world.

Development you may see at the age of two months includes:

  • Self-soothing by sucking on hands or at the breast
  • Attempting to look at familiar faces
  • Starting to be alerted by sounds and turning towards them

Supporting your child to grow

Whether you are at home, out in the community, or accessing a session at your Family Hub, you can start supporting your baby’s development by:

  • Chatting through nappy changes
  • Singing while feeding
  • Family visits

Find out more about activities for babies aged 0 to 3 months old.

Help and support

The parent infant service in Blackpool works with parents to support positive bonding and attachment in the perinatal period.

Your local Family Hub can support with a number of things that can impact on your parenting life such as debt, housing and relationships. 

The I Can Cope (ICON) programme also helps to support parents and carers to understand the normal crying pattern of young infants and keep babies safe.

Find out more about your child’s development and what to expect when.