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School transport

It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child attends school regularly at the appropriate times each day.

However, there are circumstances when Blackpool Council is required by law to provide transport assistance for eligible children.

To qualify the child must be resident in Blackpool and be of statutory school age.

For the purposes of this policy Blackpool Council extends the definition of statutory school age to include any pupil aged four years old who has started primary school in the Reception year and who is yet to attain statutory school age.

Blackpool Council only accept responsibility for home to school transport between the child’s main residence and school.

Where children have more than one address, home to school transport will be based on the residence where the child habitually resides.

Factors may be taken into consideration, and evidence requested, outlining where child benefit is paid, or where the child is registered with a GP.

How to apply for transport assistance

Mainstream schools

Parents of children attending mainstream schools, without an education, health and care plan, who believe they may be eligible for transport assistance should contact the integrated transport service for advice and an application form.

Telephone: 01253 476174 / 01253 476795


Special educational needs

Parents of children or young people with or without an education health and care plan who believe they are eligible for transport assistance should contact their special educational needs officer for advice and will need to complete an application form.


We recommend that you allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the application. You can save the application and come back to it later.

Home to school and college travel assistance policy

The policy statement describes the support available.

Post 16 transport statement

The transport policy statement describes the further education transport support available to young people living in Blackpool, aged 16-19 years old.

It also provides information for young people up to 25 years old who have a learning difficulty and /or a disability, who are entering or continuing in further education and learning.