Who we are

Educational diversity is a pupil referral unit providing for pupils who are unable to attend mainstream school due to their social, emotional, behavioural or medical difficulties.  Many of the pupils are amongst the most vulnerable young people in Blackpool.  Our highly motivated staff, look to prepare our pupils for the demands and opportunities of the 21st century by offering an individual personalised curriculum and lifelong set of values. 

How we work

A pupil’s placement with the service is as a result of a permanent exclusion, an agreed managed move or through a dual register arrangement. We work with our pupils to assist their return to mainstream education. 

Educational diversity takes the lead in a behaviour partnership with Blackpool high schools to take a collective responsibility for pupils within our town and to reduce the number of pupils who are at risk of exclusion.

We also provide an education and care facility for our pregnant school girls through our ‘First Steps’ programme.  We work with them to reintegrate them back to school or to prepare for college. There is an Ofsted nursery which is situated in the same building to support their baby’s needs.

Method of referral/Access to service

Referrals are made by schools via the Behaviour and attendance partnership.


Mrs Wendy Casson
The Oxford Centre
278a Whitegate Drive

Telephone 01253 476615

Email: wendy.casson@blackpool.gov.uk


Mrs Heather Smith
Deputy headteacher

Telephone 01253 476680 

Email: heather.smith@blackpool.gov.uk