Blackpool children, with good attendance at school will do better!

Attendance at school is very important, without good attendance young people miss out on valuable learning opportunities.

Young people who go to school have more chance of doing well. 

If you are concerned about a young person because you think they may not be attending school please contact us on 01253 476478. 

Good attendance

Good attendance at school means going every day. We work hard with schools and partners such as Blackpool Football Club to reward good school attendance. For many years there has been a 100% attendance at school party, held for primary children to celebrate this achievement.

We want the best outcomes for all Blackpool young people to keep them safe, learning and increase their chances of good outcomes.

Poor attendance

When attendance starts to drop below 95% in Blackpool we become concerned.

Young people with poor attendance are less likely to do well. 85% attendance in a school year is over 5 weeks of missed learning opportunities. Young people fall behind with their work, miss out on making friends and socialising.

Attendance and keeping young people safe

Young people who are in school will be safe and learning, young people not in school may not be safe.

Your child or children that live with you

If you have concerns about your child’s attendance it is advisable to contact your school immediately and ask for help. There may be a reason why your child doesn’t want to go to school. Your school may have staff who work to support school attendance who may help you or may ask for help from the pupil welfare service.

Pupil welfare service officers will support young people and families to help them overcome barriers that prevent good attendance. 

Legal responsibilities

Parents do have a legal responsibility with regard to attendance at school and poor attendance could result in legal proceedings being taken, so working together to ensure good attendance is essential.

Other legal processes such as penalty notices can be used in response to non attendance, resulting in a fine. Missing school for holidays is one example of when they may be used.

Improving attendance

  • Make all appointments outside of school hours
  • Plan holidays when schools are closed
  • Check the school day and school calendar in advance
  • Communicate with school immediately to resolve any concerns your child may have


Pupil welfare service

PO Box 4, Blackpool, FY1 1NA
Telephone 01253 476478