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Communication offer for parents - pregnancy until school age

All children and young people are entitled to

  • Support from health visitors or early years setting in understanding why communication skills are so important and an understanding of your role in developing your child’s communication skills
  • Access to key messages promoting positive interaction from health visitors, early years settings and family groups
  • Information about websites promoting the development of speech, language and communication including:
  • Access to a health visitor
  • Access to communication focused groups in family hubs, parks and libraries
  • NHS telephone advice service short appointments
  • Access to a GP
  • Access to a health visitor or early years setting who can refer to speech and language therapy 

Some children and young people may need

  • Access to specialist practitioners for speech, language and communication via post WellComm triage panel for child development where criteria is met
  • Access to Hanen programmes for parents following WellComm (Communicate)
  • Access to Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) from specialist practitioners
  • Speech and language home visiting service
  • Referral to specialist health visitor for Perinatal and Infant Relationship Service (PAIRS)
  • Access to an NHS Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT) who will give you advice about how to help your child via a telephone advice service 

A few children and young people may need

  • Access to a speech and language therapist who will assess your child and give you advice about how to help your child
  • Access to Portage Service to develop play and interaction skills
  • Access to support for team around the child meeting with the specialist SaLT.
  • Advice about alternative forms of communication through speech and language therapist and/or the Highfurlong Communication Aids and Assistive Technology (CAAT) Team
  • Access to further information on alternative, augmentative communication (AAC) through ACE Centre
  • Access to Makaton signing training
  • Access to Early Bird course where criteria is met.
  • Access to diagnostic pathways.
  • Access to specialist nursing team for child development where criteria is met