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SEND council services

Information about other Blackpool Council SEND services

Educational psychology service

Who are we?

We are a referral only service. We only accept referrals from schools.

We are educational psychologists (or EPs) and are among the many people who may work with your child.

EPs have a degree (or equivalent) in psychology – the science of how people think, problem solve, learn, feel and behave.

We have completed further training and qualifications in educational psychology.

We have been teachers or have worked with children and young people. 

What does an educational psychologist do?

Educational psychologists work with children and young people aged between 0 and 25 years.

When a request for involvement is made to the educational psychology service, the educational psychologist will talk to the parents and setting to discuss the concerns of the child. The next steps are agreed between the parents, setting and the educational psychologist, and vary according to the needs of the child/young person.

The following are examples of the type of work the educational psychologist might carry out when assessing the concerns outlined by the setting and the family:

  • Observing the child/young person in different environments
  • Interact with the child/young person to look at their strengths and difficulties in a number of developmental areas
  • Work with the setting staff and professionals who support the child/young person
  • Listen to the child/young person’s views
  • Design interventions or provide the setting with training
  • Conduct psychological assessments

For more information, contact your child's school.

Inclusion team service

The inclusion team service work with schools to support chidlren and young people with SEND. 

We are a referral only service. We only accept referrals from schools.