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Communication offer for professionals - secondary


  • Schools to secure continuing professional development
  • ICAN language development charts 
  • National curriculum guidance on speech and language.
  • Inclusion development programme.
  • Communication Trust Self-Evaluation Framework for self-evaluation and training needs
  • ELKLAN training available from the inclusion team
  • ‘Introduction to speech, language and communication’ video for support staff from Blackpool's Graduated Approach toolkit.
  • Access to the communication leads in schools meetings, held termly
  • Access to Blackpool classrooms that communicate toolkit
  • A range of recorded training modules available for all staff covering all aspects of communication and interaction on Blackpool's Graduated Approach toolkit
  • Makaton training for schools from inclusion team, charges apply
  • Basic BSL training, some charges may apply
  • Autism Education Trust Making Sense of Autism for Schools 


  • Talking Partners
  • Secondary Talk Boost resources
  • Socially Speaking
  • Elklan interventions and resources 


  • Advice from a speech and language therapist on appropriate interventions and approaches for teaching and learning.
  • Advice about Alternative, Augmentative Communication (AAC) available through Highfurlong Communication Aids and Assistive Technology (CAAT) Team.
  • Access to Blackpool Classrooms that Communicate toolkit