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First day of term protocol

First day of term protocol

The education act 1996 allows admission authorities to limit in-year transfers to the start of the following school term. This means that where there are available places, and the transfer is agreed, this will usually be from the start of the next school term.

Your child must continue to attend the place at their current school or academy until the agreed transfer date.

Changing school or academy

All parents and carers are strongly advised to consider whether any change of school or academy is really necessary.

National research has shown that children who move during either primary or secondary education do less well in examinations. Around 62% of children who did not move got 5 GCSEs (A* to C grades). This figure was around 44% for children who moved just once during the previous 4 years.

This decline in attainment tends to increase every time a child changes school or academy.

Parents and carers should therefore seriously consider whether a transfer is the best option for their child’s education (as opposed to just being more convenient). This is especially the case for children who have started their examination options.

Parents should not be pressured to move because of disciplinary or attendance issues. Often transfers in these circumstances will not resolve the underlying issues. Similarly where bullying is given as a reason the details will be verified with the child’s current school or academy.

Blackpool school and academy transfers

Blackpool schools and academies have the in-year transfer form which parents must complete to request a move. The primary form is also available from Blackpool’s admissions team (who can also confirm place availability within the area).

If there are available places in the required year groups these generally will be offered; if not parents have the right to an admission appeal.

Exceptions to the first day of term protocol

The protocol does not apply to new to area families where the child / children do not already have places. Tt does not apply to children returning from Blackpool’s pupil referral unit (Educational Diversity) to mainstream.

Exceptions for earlier transfers must be agreed between schools and academies. These are admission authority decisions.

Our Children – children in the care of Blackpool Council

Transfers for Our Children (those in the care of Blackpool council) are generally discouraged. Children in the care of Blackpool Council must always have agreement by the director of children’s services for any in-year school or academy transfer. This does not apply to placements into educational diversity or from educational diversity returning to mainstream.

Elective home education (EHE)

Parents are strongly advised to contact the admissions team about the responsibilities which will placed upon them should they decide to home educate. Advice is available by calling 01253 476721 or 01253 476443.

Where a return from ehe is requested within two school terms the child will usually return to the child’s former school or academy. Parents and carers can then look at transfer options within the first day of term protocol.

Blackpool school admissions team

For advise on school transfers please ring 01253 476637 or 01253 476833.

Or by email