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Many professionals who work with children will come across private fostering situations.

Professionals in the education, health and social care sectors therefore have a shared responsibility to work together to ensure that all privately fostered children are well cared for and safeguarded from harm.

Professionals from all agencies can play an important role by identifying and notifying us of private fostering arrangements and by ensuring parents and carers are aware of their responsibilities. 

By monitoring and supervising private fostering placements we can all importantly help to safeguard children who may be at risk of abuse and / or neglect. 

Blackpool children’s services should be notified of all private fostering arrangements in Blackpool.

By contacting us the child's safety can be ensured. We will also make sure the child's wishes and feelings are listened to and offer advice and support. 

It is important you let us know of any information you may have - we may already be in contact with the family. To ensure all Blackpool children are safeguarded is our priority.

More about private fostering

To learn more about private fostering please use the links below

We are here to offer help, support and advice.

Notifying private fostering arrangements

To notify us about a private fostering arrangement please contact us on 01253 477299.