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Early help strategy

The Children and Families Strategic Partnership Board is pleased to share Blackpool’s new Early Help Strategy which sets out our approach and plans for developing the way that we work with children, young people and families as early as possible to improve their outcomes.

This strategy will support our ambition to increasingly work with families early in the life of a problem and move away from over-dependence on statutory and specialist services.

This approach is morally, ethically and financially the right thing to do and fits well with embedding the Blackpool Families Rocks model of practise, and restorative approaches to the way we work with our children, young people and families. Fundamentally, Early Help should be seen as everybody’s business and part of what we all do.

We have a wide range of services and provision in Blackpool and there is a strong ambition to support children, young people and families to aspire and achieve. We need to capitalise on our partnerships and the enviable funding streams that Blackpool is able to attract, to be creative and embed an effective early help system, with a multi agency approach.We are excited at the possibilities that working early with our children and their families presents and look forward to working with you.

The Early Help Strategy for Blackpool 2021 to 2023 [PDF 1.05MB]