How to make a Complaint

Last modified 05/07/2018 11:39:30


If you are unhappy about anything that has happened to you.

We would always ask you to speak to your social worker or carer first to see if they can sort out the issue for you.


If you’re still not happy or you want to complain about your social worker or carer then please let us know, you can make a complaint by:

Completing this online form

If you would prefer to speak to someone, then you can call

Customer Relations Team on 01253 477700

Text 07469 919741

or you can email the team:

So what happens next?

If you make a complaint a member of staff from the customer relations team will call or write to you to say they have read your complaint within 3 working days of receiving it.

They will then try to resolve your issue for you within 15 working days.

Depending on what your complaint is about, you will get either:

  • An apology
  • An explanation of what happened
  • An explanation of how we will make sure it doesn’t happen again
  • Action taken to put things right

The Customer Relations Team will make sure that children and young people who make a complaint will be offered an Advocate from 

This will allow you to have an independent person to help you to get your voice heard, you may not choose to have an advocate, but you will always be asked if you want one.