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My name is Kirsty and I am the Engagement Worker for looked after children,young people and care leavers.

Fisher-Kirsty280x381It is my job to support children and young people in telling people that make the decisions for Children’s Services about their experience of being looked after by Blackpool Council, and importantly - what they could do better to improve things for them.

I also to work alongside the Justuz Children in Care Council groups, this brings looked after children and care leavers together so that they can share their experiences, develop confidence, learn new skills and have lots of fun.

Everyone is very proud of all the work the Justuz has achieved since they came together in 2013. The positive changes that have already been made are a direct result of these brilliant young people who are determined to make sure their voices are heard. This will ensure services available will continue to improve for all the looked after children and young people here in Blackpool.



The power of children's and young people's voices should not be underestimated and this can be seen in the changes they have already made.To find out more check out the What We Do page.

We encourage new members interested in joining to do so and would like as many children and young people as possible to get involved. It is your chance to have a say in how you are cared for, what can be improved and also to meet others who have similar experiences. If you would like to get involved and join Justuz, check out the About Us page.

You may not want to come to the groups, but still have things to say - you can do that easily by visiting the Speak To Us page or you can contact me directly.

contact me

Whatever you need, please do get in touch. 

Call or Text Me:  07796707747 or 01253 477536

Email: kirsty.fisher@blackpool.gov.uk

I also help to manage this website so let us know what you think. I am always happy to add any extra information you may need, or think would be useful. 

If you have any questions about Justuz, the Children in Care Council or would like to Speak To Us about anything else please do get in touch.