Help at home

Last Modified January 21, 2015

Blackpool Council is committed to supporting people to remain as independent as possible. There are many services and support which are there to help you remain in your own home. 

This could include support to get washed and dressed, help with medication and helping you to feel safe in your own home. We will complete a Community Care Assessment with you to look at what help you may need.

Not eligible for support

If you are not eligible for Council support or want to organise your own support we can provide you with advice, information and Fact Sheets on services and support available to you locally. 

We may be able to advise you on services which meet your needs in the community however, we cannot recommend any one individual supplier or service provider.  

Find details of providers in our online directory

Providers of care at home services
Providers of meals in your own home 
Providers of cleaning, and shopping services

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