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Vitaline provides a responsive, comprehensive 24 hours service, 7-days a week, 365 days a year to over 5000 individuals living independently connected to a variety of telecare technology.

Each package is tailored to the needs and wishes of the client, ranging from a basic pendant alarm to enhanced telecare packages which can include devices such as fall detectors, bed occupancy sensors and gas, flood, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. 

Our staff

Vitaline’s staff are all fully trained to act as calls handling operators, assessors, installers and responders, ensuring the team’s roles can be flexed according to the demands on the service. The service has been structured to provide out of hours support to many other services, coordinating service delivery and supporting Blackpool Council to make the most effective use of available resources 

In addition to providing a speedy response to individuals, Vitaline assist carers and families by providing an early detection of emergencies facilitating a fast response with the opportunity to address problems at an early stage and above all provide a sense of security and peace of mind for individuals and their families. 

Falls lifting service 

In partnership with NHS Blackpool and NWAS (Northwest Ambulance Service) Vitaline provide a falls lifting service for people who have fallen but who are uninjured using specialist lifting equipment avoiding the need for an ambulance call. Following a successful lift Vitaline has established an advice, signposting and referral service for people who have experienced a fall, with the aim of reducing the risk of further falls. 

Vitaline works with the NHS to support discharge from hospital, working with the discharge team and social care to manage risks in the home to enable patients to return home as quickly as possible. 

Equipment in the home

In addition, Vitaline use the canary system to monitor an individual’s activity at home which can be cleverly used as an assessment tool. Sensors can detect, for example how often the bathroom is being used and movements throughout the property. This provides social care professionals information to enable care packages to meet individuals’ needs. 

Our service 

Vitaline has proved itself over many years as a trusted service by delivering on its objectives 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Vitaline team are resilient, hardworking, caring and always go the extra mile to provide an exceptional service saving lives and making a difference.

The service continues to work in partnership with other stakeholders who are reassured by its track record of delivering quality services. Vitaline are members of TSA (Telecare Services Association) and are audited annually using TSA’s QSF (Quality Standard Framework). 

Contact us

For further enquiries please contact: 

Telephone: 01253 477678