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Empty homes

There are around 4,500 privately owned empty homes in Blackpool and 1,300 have been vacant over 6 months. Many of these properties are in a state of disrepair attracting vandalism and crime. 

Long term vacant homes in Blackpool represent lost income. Owners can often lose over £5,000 a year by keeping a home empty in rent loss, council tax, insurance, dilapidation and security measures.  

Tackling empty homes

Blackpool Council has developed a working group that works actively to bring empty homes that are causing a problem back into use. The group's membership includes council officers, local councillors and community workers and they have developed information and advice to owners on letting empty properties, selling on the open market and securing any available grants. If the owner fails to act on the advice given and the property continues to fall into disrepair, the council will consider legal options to ensure that properties are brought back into use. The council has actively dealt with a significant number of empty properties and these are now refurbished and occupied.

How can you help?

Report a residential empty property to the council if it is unoccupied, not being actively marketed for sale and causing a problem in the neighbourhood.

If you own a property that is empty

If you own a property that is empty, then consider:

  • Repairing, converting for use or selling on the open market
  • Leasing through a letting agent
  • Selling or leasing to a housing association

Please contact the council on 01253 477477 for further advice and information.