How can you help?

Making a difference

Goodwill gestures are to be applauded and respected. To make a real difference to someone’s life we need to understand their situation to ensure that they are given the right support to help them get back on their feet.

We advise visiting the websites of the agencies and charities for ways to donate and for any volunteering opportunities you may be interested in. 

Late January 2020, the Blackpool focused street support website will launch giving you all the information you may need if you’re:

  • In conversation with someone who is in need of help / services or help
  • Looking for ways to donate food, clothing, other items or a donation of money to a local organisation or charity
  • Interested in volunteering opportunities               

Once live this will provide a one-stop portal for those in need of help, and for those who would like to know the best ways to help.