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Housing strategy

Our policies and strategies shape the decisions we make about housing in Blackpool.

Housing strategy 2018 to 2023:  Making Blackpool Better

The housing strategy presents our approach to address the housing issues within the town.

It sets the vision and priorities to support the delivery of the council’s plan to make Blackpool a great place to live in with a thriving economy that supports a happy and healthy community. 

The strategy is built around four key themes:

  • New housing supply
  • Improving the private rented sector
  • Stabilising lives
  • Increasing delivery capacity

Blackpool Council housing strategy 2018 [PDF 851 kb]

Homelessness prevention strategy 2018 to 2023

We have also developed a homelessness prevention and rough sleeping strategy to address the increasing number of individuals facing homelessness within the town. The strategy focusses on three key areas:

  • Preventing homelessness by working with partners to identify risk and intervene earlier
  • Resolve homelessness efficiently to minimise harm to an individual’s health and well being
  • Support individuals to avoid repeat homelessness

Read more about the council's proposal to address homelessness within the borough

Blackpool Council homlessness prevention strategy 2018 [PDF 514 Kb]

Housing plan for the ageing population

Older people play an important role in Blackpool’s future and we are committed to making sure that Blackpool is a great place to live where healthy later life is enjoyed by everyone. 

The aim of the strategy will be to promote individual well-being, good health and aspirations for older people living in Blackpool.

Blackpool Council's housing plan for the ageing population 2017 [PDF 1.57 Mb]

Housing plan for the ageing population action plan [PDF 239kKb]