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Warm and healthy homes projects

The Warm and Healthy Homes project

The Warm and Healthy Homes project launched on 1st December 2021, in partnership with Cadent and Cadent Foundation. Supporting households of all tenures, Care & Repair's free service will run for two years to help ensure Blackpool residents can save money and stay warm at home.

Clients will receive an assessment of their needs by a Caseworker and the following support can be provided, tailored to each individual:


Affordable warmth advice and assistance, including; warm homes discount, priority services register, understanding and reducing fuel bills, energy efficiency, budgeting money, dealing with fuel debt, fuel incentives, tariff differences, switching, smart meters, green measures, addressing damp and more.

Support to access funding for various measures as required, including; boiler servicing, repairs, replacements, green measures, emergency heaters, double glazing, draught excluders, winter warm packs, fuel top-ups, essential household goods, food parcels and more.

Support to access broader health and wellbeing services, including; befriending, community activities, employment support, volunteering, mental health services, advocacy, adult learning and more.

A discretionary emergency fund is available which will be used in conjunction with any other funding available, to assist homeowners on a low income and/with a medical condition/disability to repair or replace their heating, gas and electrical appliances.

Contact Care & Repair for more information:

Email: care&

T: 01253 476646 between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Thursday, 8.30am - 4pm, Fridays.