Winter Gardens and Tower collections

This is a collection of archives, objects and ephemera generated by and covering the history of the Blackpool Tower Company. 

The company was the largest owner of tourism and pleasure destinations in Blackpool and so the collection also covers more than the Blackpool Tower and also includes the

  • Blackpool Winter Gardens
  • The Grand Theatre
  • The Palace Theatre
  • The Hippodrome
  • Other miscellaneous hotels, venues and cinema across the coast

A private company archive for most of its life this collection is in processing in order to make it publically accessible with the support of volunteers and external funding.

At present the parts of the collection for public access include:

  • Press cuttings
  • Bound programmes
  • Posters

Accessing the collection

Please contact for information relating to the historic collections of theatre and entertainment memorabilia compiled over many decades by the Tower and Winter Gardens Company.