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Heritage Blackpool

Showtown’s History Centre’s home is in the beautiful surroundings of Blackpool Central Library and is home to

  • Blackpool’s archives
  • Local history resources
  • Heritage collections

A resource for local and family history as well as a place for curious people to uncover the stories of Blackpool’s past.

History centre

The history centre is managed by Blackpool Heritage and Museum Trust, also known as Showtown.

Since February 2020 the history centre has been closed due to a leak in the roof making the space unsuitable to store our collections. You can find all of the latest news about the repairs and expected reopening on the Showtown website.

Access the collection

If you would like to book an appointment to view our historic newspaper collection (Thursdays only) or have a specific request for a newspaper research enquiry then please contact us on or call 01253 478090.

The newspapers we have available are:

  • Blackpool Gazette 1873 to 2019
  • Blackpool Citizen 1987 to 2004
  • Blackpool Reporter 1999 to 2008
  • Blackpool Herald 1876 to 1919
  • Blackpool Times 1877 to 1933
  • Fleetwood Chronicle 1845 to 1873
  • The Green 1929 to 1983
  • Independent 1986 to 1990