Local lists are a way of helping conserve buildings of local, rather than national, importance which make a positive contribution to the character of our streets.

Blackpool’s local list was initiated by the findings of the historic townscape characterisation exercise in 2008/9 which identified buildings of local architectural and/or historic interest in those areas covered by the project.

Subsequently the decision was taken to extend the local list to cover the whole borough so that the special interest of all buildings of local significance could be taken into account in planning decisions. The process for local listing has now been established, and the lists of buildings which have been formally adopted can be seen on the listings page.

Criteria for selection of buildings

The criteria against which heritage assets in Blackpool will be evaluated for inclusion on the local list are:

  • Age
  • Rarity
  • Aesthetic or design merit
  • Group value
  • Archaeological interest
  • Historical interest
  • Landmark status
  • Social value


Full details on the criteria along with the impact on development and the process of listing can be found in the criteria guide.

Criteria for selection for local list [PDF 96KB]

Nominate a building for inclusion on the list

You can nominate a building for the local list which has not been identified so far by completing the Local list nomination form