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Blackpool locally listed buildings



Alphabetical listing

Alphabetical listing of properties
AddressBuilding nameBuilding numberWardDemolished
Abingdon Street Abingdon Street Market 14 - 24 Talbot  
Adelaide Street Masonic Hall 83-85 Talbot  
Albert Road Spiritualist Church 71 Talbot  
Alexandra Road Hotel 18-20 Bloomfield  
Alexandra Road Hotel 22 and 24 Bloomfield  
Ansdell Road Bloomfield Hotel 47 Victoria  
Balmoral Road   2 and 4 Waterloo  
Bank Hey Street Edith Centre 76-84 Talbot  
Beaufort Avenue Bispham Methodist Church   Bispham  
Bennett Avenue Former Palatine School (now part of B and F college   Tyldesley  
Birley Street Former Union Bank (Barclays) 2 and 4 Talbot  
Birley Street Bank 20/22 Talbot  
Bispham Road Former Layton Railway Station (to be demolished as part of electrification?) Greenlands  
Bispham Road Squirrel Hotel   Greenlands  
Bloomfield Road (part of Central Bowling) Former workshop 5 Bloomfield  
Bolton Street Seventh Day Adventist Church   Bloomfield  
Bolton Street Sun Inn 88 Bloomfield  
Bond Street   87 Waterloo  
Bond Street   94-100 Waterloo  
Bond Street Former bank 29 and 31 Waterloo  
Bond Street Former bank 46 Waterloo  
Bond Street Former Woolworth's Store 7 to 11 Waterloo  
Bonny Street Pump and Truncheon 13 Talbot  
Caunce Street St Thomas's Parish Centre   Brunswick  
Caunce Street Victory Hotel 105-107 Brunswick  
Caunce Street/Devonshire Road St Thomas's C of E Church   Brunswick  
Cavendish Road Cavendish Road Congregational Church   Bispham  
Cedar Square/ Cedar Tavern 15 Talbot  
Central Drive King Edward Flats and shops 35 Talbot  
Central Drive King Edward VII pub 39 Talbot  
Central Drive Holy Cross CoE Church   Victoria  
Central Drive/Grasmere Road Revoe Library   Victoria  
Chapel Road Runnell Cottage and barn   Stanley  
Chapel Road Cobble wall assoc with Runnell Cottage   Stanley  
Chapel Street Former Methodist Church   Bloomfield  
Chapel Street Stanley Arms 7 Bloomfield  
Church Street   74 - 78 Talbot  
Church Street Former Regent Cinema (now grade II listed) 181-189 Talbot Now grade II listed
Church Street Stanley Arms (Blue Room) 139 Talbot  
Church Street    56 - 60 Talbot  
Church Street (Nos 44 and 46)/Corporation Street (nos 36, 38 and 40) Former Rawcliffe's   Talbot  
Church Street/Caunce Street/Cookson Street Stanley Buildings   Talbot  
Claremont Road   59 - 113 inclusive Claremont  
Claremont Road Claremont Community Centre (former library)   Claremont  
Claremont Road Claremont Park and Recreation ground   Claremont  
Clifton Street Former bank 22-28 Talbot  
Common Edge Road Our Lady of the Assumption RC Church   Stanley  
Common Edge Road Boundary stone (near Trebarrons)   Stanley  
Corporation Street Lloyds Bank 30 Talbot  
Corporation Street Municipal Buildings   Talbot  
Corporation Street Scruffy Murphy's (Grapes Hotel) 32 Talbot  
Crystal Road St Cuthbert's Presbytery 53 Bloomfield  
Dean Street   22 Waterloo  
Dean Street   51 Waterloo  
Dean Street Holy Trinity School   Waterloo  
Dean Street   1 Waterloo  
Dean Street Old Coach House 50 Waterloo  
Devonshire Road Electricity substation   Claremont  
Devonshire Road Devonshire Road Rock Gardens   Greenlands  
Devonshire Road Railings beneath railway bridge   Greenlands  
Devonshire Road Red Lion Hotel   Ingthorpe  
Devonshire Road Devonshire Arms   Warbreck  
Devonshire Road and Talbot Road Boundary treatment, former Devonshire Road Hospital   Claremont  
Devonshire Road/Bispham Road Former Bispham Library   Ingthorpe  
Dickson Road Former Imperial Cinema 102 Claremont  
Dickson Road Former unitarian church apartments 53 Claremont  
Dickson Road Tower of St Paul's Church   Claremont  
Dickson Road Gynn Hotel 341 Warbreck  
Division Lane (off) Werneth House   Stanley  
Division Lane (rear of) Old School House   Stanley  
East Park Drive, Blackpool Zoo Former aeroplane hangars   Marton  
East Park Drive, Salisbury Gardens WWII pillbox   Park  
East Park Drive, Salisbury Gardens     Park  
Eastbank Avenue Runnell Farm   Stanley  
Egerton Road Former St Paul's vicarage   Claremont  
Exchange Street Empress Hotel 59 Claremont  
Fleetwood Road   51 and 53 Norbreck  
Forest Gate   2 Brunswick  
Foxhall Road Lifeboat Inn 58 Bloomfield  
Glastonbury Avenue/Park Road St John Vianney's RC Church   Tyldesley  
Grasmere Road Grasmere Road Methodist Church (Bethesda Congregational)   Tyldesley  
Harrowside Railway bridge   Squires Gate  
Hawes Side Lane Lane Ends Hotel 57 Hawes Side  
Hawes Side Lane Hawes Side Library   Stanley  
Highfield Road Former Highfield Library   Highfield  
Highfield Road Farmers Arms 2 and 4 Squires Gate  
Highfield Road Former bank (now Italian restaurant) 1 to 5 Squires Gate  
Highfield Road Highfield Hotel   Stanley  
Hornby Road   135 Talbot  
Hornby Road   136 Talbot  
Hornby Road   214 Talbot  
King Street Hop Inn (Veevers Arms) 2 and 4 Talbot  
Layton Road includes cobble wall 237 and 239 Brunswick  
Layton Road Cross House/Bailey's Inn 243 Brunswick  
Layton Road No. 4 and Freemasons Hotel   Brunswick  
Leicester Road   29 Talbot  
Leys Road Warbreck Water Tower   Greenlands  
Links Road Holy Family RC Church   Warbreck  
Lower Moor Road St Winefride's and Tremaine   Greenlands  
Lytham Road Albert Hotel 215 Bloomfield  
Lytham Road Chilton Hotel 14-16 Bloomfield  
Lytham Road Former Free Library 205 Bloomfield  
Lytham Road Former lifeboat house 19 Bloomfield  
Lytham Road Royal Oak Hotel 322 Bloomfield  
Lytham Road St Cuthbert's Church   Bloomfield  
Lytham Road St Peter's CE Church   Bloomfield  
Lytham Road   307 Waterloo  
Lytham Road Arnold School, south site (north building demolished)   Waterloo Building to north of site demolished
Lytham Road Cobble wall to Arnold School   Waterloo  
Lytham Road Cobble wall 575 Waterloo  
Lytham Road   456 Waterloo  
Lytham Road   458 Waterloo  
Lytham Road   476 Waterloo  
Lytham Road Cobble wall 510 Waterloo  
Lytham Road Cobble wall 512 Waterloo  
Lytham Road Dunes Hotel 561 Squires Gate  
Lytham Road Highbury House Care Home 580-582 Squires Gate  
Lytham Road BLESMA Home 539 Squires Gate  
Lytham Road Cobble wall 565 Squires Gate  
Lytham Road Cobble wall 567-569 Squires Gate  
Lytham Road (corner of Thames Road) Unitarian Church   Waterloo  
Market Street Shop 43-47 Talbot  
Midgeland Road Midgeland Farm   Stanley  
Midgeland Road K6 telephone box   Stanley  
Montague Street Former Police Station   Waterloo  
Moss House Road Barn adjacent 36   Stanley  
Moss House Road   20 Stanley  
Mythop Road   2 and 4 Marton  
Newhouse Road Kapers Nursery (former Stodham farmhouse) 144 Clifton  
Newhouse Road HSBC Bank 1 Hawes Side  
Newhouse Road Cottage Chippy 31 Hawes Side  
Newton Drive Cobble wall 84 Brunswick  
Newton Drive St Kentigern's school   Brunswick  
Newton Drive St Kentigern's church and presbytery   Brunswick  
Norbreck Road Norbreck Primary School   Norbreck  
Norbreck Road includes cobble wall 203 and 205 Norbreck  
Norbreck Road Bispham Lodge Flats 249 and 251 Norbreck  
Norbreck Road Bispham Court including cobble wall 357 Norbreck  
Norbreck Road Bispham House 284 and 286 Norbreck  
Oxford Square/Waterloo Road Marton Institute   Hawes Side  
Palatine Road All Saints with Christ Church   Bloomfield  
Palatine Road Blackpool and Fylde College   Tyldesley  
Park Road   89 Talbot  
Park Road All Saints Church Hall   Tyldesley  
Park Road St John Vianney's RC School   Tyldesley  
Patterdale Avenue The Mount 81 Marton  
Penrose Avenue Baines Primary School   Hawes Side  
Poulton Old Road   93 Park  
Preston New Road Clifton Arms   Clifton  
Preston New Road   170 Clifton  
Preston New Road Marton Burial Ground   Marton  
Preston New Road   29, 31, 33 and 35 Marton  
Preston Old Road Boar's Head 38 Marton  
Preston Old Road Former Top o'th' Town Farm 142 Marton  
Preston Old Road   59 and 61 Marton  
Preston Old Road Former Lord Nelson Alehouse 15 Marton  
Preston Old Road Mere Park Hotel   Marton  
Princess Parade/Promenade Colonnade   Claremont  
Promenade   235 Bloomfield  
Promenade   237 Bloomfield  
Promenade Central Pier   Bloomfield  
Promenade Dutton Arms   Bloomfield  
Promenade Yates 407-411 Bloomfield  
Promenade Metropole Hotel   Claremont  
Promenade Huntsman Building 91 - 101 Talbot  
Promenade Roberts Oyster Rooms 90 Talbot  
Promenade Beach Hotel (Birch's Apartments) 453-459 Waterloo  
Promenade   485 and 487 Waterloo  
Promenade South Pier   Waterloo  
Promenade Tommy Duck's 495 Waterloo  
Promenade Sherwood Hotel 412-414 Warbreck  
Promenade  Talbot Court (apartments 1-9)   Waterloo  
Promenade (and 13-15 Market Street) Yates 100 Talbot  
Promenade (and Adelaide Street West) Former Woolworth's Store   Talbot  
Queen Victoria Road New Life Community Church   Victoria  
Queens Promenade Bispham Tram Station   Bispham  
Queens Promenade   294 Bispham  
Queens Promenade Little Bispham Tram Stop   Norbreck  
Queens Promenade Norbreck Castle Hotel   Norbreck  
Queens Promenade Boating pool   Warbreck  
Queens Promenade Artificial cliffs   Warbreck  
Queens Promenade Castle/Genting Casino 64 Warbreck  
Queens Promenade Cliffs Hotel 22 Warbreck  
Queens Promenade Savoy Hotel 2 and 4 Warbreck  
Queens Promenade Jubilee Gardens   Warbreck  
Queensway   1 Waterloo  
Raikes Parade   8 and 10 Talbot  
Raikes Parade Former Methodist Church   Talbot  
Raikes Parade Former Methodist Sunday School   Talbot  
Raikes Parade Former Friends Meeting House 30a Talbot  
Reads Avenue Northwood 165 Talbot  
Red Bank Road Bispham Hotel 68 Bispham  
Red Bank Road Parade of shops 90 - 104 Bispham  
Red Bank Road RBS Bank 1 Bispham  
Red Bank Road Former Old England (Albion Restaurant) 226 Ingthorpe  
Rigby Road Blackpool Tram Offices   Bloomfield  
Sackville Avenue   Cobble wall Waterloo  
Scarsdale Avenue Highfield Wesleyan Methodist Church   Squires Gate  
School Road St Nicholas CoE Primary School   Stanley  
Shaw Road Bible Pattern Church   Bloomfield  
Simpson Street Horse trough   Waterloo  
South Promenade Solaris Centre   Squires Gate  
Springfield Road Baptist Tabernacle   Claremont  
Springfield Road Springfield Road Methodist Sunday School   Claremont  
Springfield Road/Abingdon Street Springfield Road Methodist Church   Claremont  
Squires Gate Lane Railway bridge   Squires Gate  
St Annes Road/Squires Gate Lane Halfway House Hotel   Highfield  
St Bede's Avenue   19a and 19b Bloomfield  
St James Road   Cobble wall Waterloo  
St Stephen's Avenue St Stephen's Church   Warbreck  
St Stephen's Avenue St Stephen's Church Hall   Warbreck  
St Walburgas Road St Mary's Catholic College (early section)   Park  
Stanley Park Café   Marton  
Stanley Park Cocker Memorial Clock   Marton  
Stanley Park Bandstand   Marton  
Stanley Park Boathouse   Marton  
Stanley Park Former tea rooms (police office)   Marton  
Stanley Park/North Park Drive Golf Clubhouse   Marton  
Station Road   32, 32a and 34 Waterloo  
Station Road Former coach house rear 39 Waterloo  
Stocks Road Carleton Crematorium Chapel and offices   Greenlands  
Stocks Road Carleton Crematorium burial ground   Greenlands  
Stockydale Road Finger post, 1 Halls Cottages   Stanley  
Stonycroft Avenue St Mary's Church   Squires Gate  
Stonycroft Place Cottages 1,3 and 5 Squires Gate  
Stonycroft Place Terrace 7, 9, 11 and 13 Squires Gate  
Talbot Road New Road Inn 244 Brunswick  
Talbot Road Drill Hall 221 Claremont  
Talbot Road Former Railway Hotel 23 Claremont  
Talbot Road Former Roman Catholic school (adj Sacred Heart Church)   Claremont  
Talbot Road Royal Bank of Scotland 1 to 9 Claremont  
Talbot Road Sacred Heart Presbytery and shop   Claremont  
Talbot Road Layton Cemetery inc Gatehouse   Layton  
Talbot Road Layton Library   Layton  
Talbot Road Queens Hotel   Layton  
Talbot Road Talbot Road Bus Station   Talbot  
Talbot Road Former bank 26 Talbot  
Talbot Road Ramsden Arms Hotel 204 Talbot  
Talbot Road Terrace 273-281 Layton  
Talbot Road, Layton Cemetery Bickerstaffe memorials   Layton  
Talbot Road, Layton Cemetery Gravestone to Richard Barlow   Layton  
Talbot Road, Layton Cemetery War memorial   Layton  
Talbot Road, Layton Cemetery Railings, gates and gate piers ` Layton  
Talbot Road/Layton Square Former tram shelter (now toilets)   Layton  
Talbot Square Counting House 10 Claremont  
Third Avenue   12 Waterloo  
Topping Street Churchill's 83/85 Talbot  
Vicarage Lane Welcome Inn (Hungry Horse) 319 Clifton  
Victoria Street Former Liberal Club 17-23 Talbot  
Warbreck Hill Road Warbreck Hill Recreation Ground   Warbreck  
Waterloo Road   44 Bloomfield  
Waterloo Road Former Post Office 20-32 Bloomfield  
Waterloo Road Former Marton Library (now very altered)   Tyldesley  
Waterloo Road Waterloo Road Primary School   Victoria  
Waterloo Road Bull Inn 17 Waterloo  
Waterloo Road  Waterloo Hotel and bowling green   Bloomfield  
Waterloo Road, Palladium Buildings Former Palladium Cinema   Bloomfield  
Waterloo Road/Oxford Square CSL (Former Thomas Motors) (façade retention scheme 2015)   Tyldesley  
Watson Road Watson Road Park   Waterloo  
West Park Drive Stanley Park Gatehouses   Marton  
West Park Drive County Cricket ground pavilion   Marton  
West Street Mitre Hotel 3 Talbot  
Westcliffe Drive Jewish Cemetery Chapel (Ohel)   Layton  
Westcliffe Drive Layton Institute and bowling green    Layton  
Westcliffe Drive Salem Methodist Church   Layton  
Westcliffe Drive St Mark's CoE Church   Layton  
Westminster Road Claremont Primary School   Claremont  
Whalley Lane Railway building, Lilac Farm   Stanley  
Whalley Lane Whalley Farm   Stanley  
Whitegate Drive No. 3    Brunswick  
Whitegate Drive Saddle Public House 286 Marton  
Whitegate Drive Michael's (former Shaw's depository)   Talbot  
Whitegate Drive Former bank 369 Tyldesley  
Whitegate Drive Rosehaven Residential Home 200-202 Tyldesley  
Whitegate Drive   223 Tyldesley  
Whitegate Drive Hope House 162 Tyldesley  
Whitegate Drive/Honister Avenue St Paul's Church   Marton  
Wordsworth Avenue Stanley Primary School   Marton  
Worthington Road Butcher's Farm Cottage   Stanley