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Cemetery and crematorium price list

Prices shown are from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024

Cremation fees

Cremation fees
Type Cost 
NVF - up to 24 weeks gestation Nil
30 minute service time ( time in chapel 20 mins)  £815
45 minute service time ( time in chapel 35 mins)  £860
45 minute Saturday service £1025
Simplicity/direct cremation  - Non attended cremation at an agreed time  £485
30 minute service time early slot - 8.30am and 9.00am only (time in chapel 20 mins)  £740
Live stream of service from:  £65
Visual tribute from: £15

The above cremation fees include:

  • All professional services relating to the administration and registration of the cremation, in line with statutory regulation
  • The use of our chapel, along with the assistance of a trained staff member on the day of the service
  • The provision of music during the funeral service (please contact your funeral director for details of our available options)
  • The sensitive handling of the cremation in line with environmental legislation
  • The appropriate national environmental levy for mercury abatement
  • The scattering or interment of the ashes into some memorials, or the preparation for their collection along with the cremation certificate


Burial fees
Grave Type Cost 
Earthen grave Burial in a new grave (includes right of burial, interment and permit for headstone) £1,825*
  Exclusive right of burial £1110*
  Interment fee £715*
  Interment fee for re-opened grave £815*
  Hire of chapel (20 minute service) £255
Brick grave Burial in a new grave (includes the same as an earthen grave and building of a brick shell) £3,235*
  Includes right of burial £1,110*
  Interment fee £715*
  Building of brick shell £1,410
  Reopened grave (includes the building of a brick shell £1,890*
  Includes interment £815*
  Building brick shell £1,075
  Hire of chapel (20 minute service) £255

*The above fees are subject to an out of borough additional charge at 100%, which is based on where the deceased lived.  

This policy will be implemented in a way that does not discriminate against people because of their religious faith.

In exceptional circumstances, if a client can demonstrate that their choice of burial location is very restricted due to their faith, we will consider adjusting the burial fees accordingly. 

Please contact the office for all out of hours fees.

Cremated remains
Cremated remains Cost 
Burial in a new cremated remains grave at 2'  (includes right of burial, interment and permit for headstone) £855
Includes right of burial £623
Interment at 2' - for up to 4 sets of ashes at any one time £232
Interment over 3' £440
Hire of chapel (25 minute service) £255
Permit fees
Additional feesCost 
Permit for headstone without kerbs - Includes first inscription **   £175
Permit for headstone with kerbs £303
Permit for vase only £91
Permit for further inscription (after first inscription ) £69
Permit for desk tablet  £119
Certificate of cremation  £32 
Certified copy of grave deeds  £32
Certificate to transfer grave ownership - per document ( price depends on the work invloved) £32 / £64

**This is for exclusive rights of burials sold up to 1 January 2012.

Memorials and miscellaneous

Memorial charges
Wall tablet  £525
Wall niche tablet


Inscription per letter or number on wall tablets or niche £3.15
Memorial bench from:  £1,220
Standard rose tree tablet £370
Memorial tree tablet  £380
Tablet on baby bench inclusive of inscription ( 1 of 3 tablets)  £370
Tablet on baby bench inclusive of inscription ( 1 of 15 tablets) £180
Memorial cremation wedge ( including up to 8 lines of text )  £595
Sanctum panorama niche (includes 80 letters or numbers) £1,070
Sanctum 2000 niche ( includes 80 letters or number) £1,240
Woodland stone tablet £350
Strewing of cremated remains by staff on appointment if cremated at Carleton £25
Strewing of cremated remains from another crematoria by staff £50
 Strewing of cremated remains from another crematoria by funeral director or family.


Book of remembrance

Book of Remembrance
Entry Cost 
2 lines £70
5 lines £122
8 lines £143
Emblem for 5 and 8 line entry £88