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Cemetery and crematorium price list

Cremation service

Cremation fees
Type Cost 
NVF - up to 24 weeks gestation Free
30 minute service time £725
45 minute service time £765
60 minute Saturday service £795
No service at an agreed time £430
30 minute service time 8.30am and 9.00am only £675
Live stream of service  £65

The above cremation fees include:

  • All professional services relating to the administration and registration of the cremation, in line with statutory regulation
  • The use of our chapel, along with the assistance of a trained staff member on the day of the service
  • The provision of music during the funeral service (please contact your funeral director for details of our available options)
  • The sensitive handling of the cremation in line with environmental legislation
  • The appropriate national environmental levy for mercury abatement
  • The scattering or interment of the ashes into some memorials, or the preparation for their collection along with the cremation certificate


Burial fees
Grave Type Cost 
Earthen grave Burial in a new grave (includes right of burial, interment and permit for headstone) £1,655
  Exclusive right of burial £1005*
  Interment fee £650*
  Interment fee for re-opened grave £740*
  Hire of chapel (25 minute service) £230
Brick grave Burial in a new grave (includes same as earthen grave and building of a brick shell £2,935
  Includes right of burial £1,005*
  Interment fee £650*
  Building of brick shell £950
  Reopened grave (includes the building of a brick shell £1,715
  Includes interment £740*
  Building brick shell £975
  Hire of chapel (25 minute service) £230

*The above fees are subject to out of borough additional charge at 100% based on where the deceased lived.  

This policy will be implemented in a way that does not discriminate against people because of their religious faith.

In exceptional circumstances, if a client can demonstrate that their choice of burial location is very restricted due to their faith - then we will consider adjusting the burial fees accordingly. 

Cremated remains
Cremated remains Cost 
Burial in a new cremated remains grave (includes right of burial, interment and permit for headstone) £775
Includes right of burial £565
Interment for up to 4 sets of ashes at any one time £210
Interment over 3 feet £400
Hire of chapel (25 minute service) £230
Permit fees
Additional feesCost 
Headstone without kerbs - Including first inscription **   £160
Headstone with kerbs £275
Vase only £82.50
Further Inscription (after first inscription ) £62.50
Desk tablet  £107.50
Baby headstone £160

**This is for all exclusive rights of burials sold up to 1 January 2012.


Memorial charges
Type Cost 
Certified copy of grave deeds £28
Certificate to transfer grave ownership (per document, dependant on work involved)

£28 / £56

Memorial tablet for trees on main drive £345
Memorial bench from:  £1100
Standard rose tree tablet £335
Wall tablet or wall niche from: £475 / £540
Inscription per letter or number for rose garden wall niche and wall tablets £2.99
Tablet on baby bench inclusive of inscription ( 1 of 15 tablets) £180
Memorial cremation wedge ( including up to 8 lines of text )  £595
Sanctum panorama niche (includes 80 letters or numbers) £920
Sanctum 2000 niche ( includes 80 letters or number) £1,050
Woodland stone tablet £315
Tablet on baby bench, inclusive of inscription from:  £180
Strewing of cremated remains from another crematoria by staff £100
 Strewing of cremated remains from another crematoria by funeral director or family. If cremated at Carleton strewing by staff. 


Book of remembrance

Book of Remembrance
Entry Cost 
2 lines £63.50
5 lines £110
8 lines £130
Emblem for 5 and 8 line entry £80