Blackpool Council  has listed the famous and infamous people buried and cremated in Blackpool

Carleton Cemetery

The following people have all been buried at Carleton Cemetery.

CARR Tony "March of the Mods" - Composer P494

EVANS Norman Comedian – Over the Garden Wall J 1

RANDLE Frank (MCEVOY Arthur) Comedian I 238

ROSSI Brian (ROSBOTHAM Brendon) Entertainer M 307

WALTERS Norman Murray Australian Escapologist T 261

WORSLEY Arthur Ventriloquist E 794

Layton Cemetery

The following have all been buried at Layton Cemetery. If you wish to have a tour of Layton Cemetery the Friends of Layton Cemetery conduct tours around the graves. These take place once a month during the summer and during the heritage week in September.

The Friends can be contacted via their Web Page

BARLOW Richard Gorton English Cricketer M 9

BICKERSTAFFE John Saw Blackpool Tower to completion A 85

BICKERSTAFFE Robert Built the Central Pier A 845

BOSWELL Ada "Queen of the Gypsies" B 381

BUTLER Sergeant William Charge of the Light Brigade I 138

DERHAM John Chief Constable of Blackpool Police – 23 yrs J 42

GRIME John Launched Gazette & Herald now The Gazette C 41

HUGHES Troupe Sergeant Major Edwin Charge of the Light Brigade FF 278

LAYCOCK Samuel Poet E 31

MORRIS David (Dave) Comedian N 601

MUNRO Walter o/w WALKER Joseph Jowett

Singer of the Mystery of the Hansom Cab J 749

NODEN Charles Known as Mr Blackpool E 90

OHMY King o/w SMITH Joseph Trapeze artist and circus owner U 83

RICHARDSON Gerald Supt Police Superintendent 2Z 352

STRICKLER William H Built Noah’s Ark at Pleasure Beach K 765

WAYMAN James Founder of the Blackpool Times F 201

WILLIAMS George Washington Afro-American Historian (1849-1891) F123

Carleton Crematorium

The following are people who were cremated at Carleton Crematorium

CARSON Violet (SHARPLES Ena) Wall Tablet – T1345 RB 12

DIXON Reginald Organist at Blackpool Tower No Memorial – ashes collected

MORTENSON Stanley Footballer No Memorial – ashes collected

CLITHEROE Jimmy Comedian Tree no 3

BARLOW Charles Band Leader memorial – ashes collected

BUNNY May Theatrical Impresario

POTTER Beatrice (HEELIS Ellen Beatrice) Author No memorial

COMER John Owen Actor "Last of the Summer Wine" RB18