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Customer information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) updated 24 March 2020

Coming to the Town Hall

  • The Town Hall is now closed to all customers except those who have a pre-booked appointment with us to register a death
  • Appointments for birth registrations, re-registrations and corrections will not now be offered
  • There will be no penalty for missing the 42 day deadline for registering your child during the pandemic
  • Customers should be advised that they can now make a claim for Child Benefit or Universal Credit prior to the birth being registered, where they have not been able to register because of the pandemic

Registering Births

We will offer birth registration appointments again once instructed to by the Government . Please do not try booking an appointment online or phoning us until further notice. 

Please be aware that the situation is ever evolving and this guidance may need to be updated in line with government guidance as and when it is issued


The information below will be relevant to you once birth registrations can take place again.

Where to register

You can also:

  • You can also telephone 01253 477177 to make appointments for The Town Hall. You can also use this number if you have a query or question or would prefer to discuss your circumstances with a member of our team.

When to register

You should register the birth of your child within 42 days (6 weeks) of the birth. If you don't register in this period, we will write to you to remind you of your legal responsibility.

Blackpool Registration Service can only register births that take place at the following places:

  • Blackpool Victoria Hospital
  • Home births where the council tax is payable to Blackpool Council

Fees and payment types

The fee is £11 to purchase a birth certificate and you have the option of purchasing an A4 wallet to keep your certificate in. These are £1 each.

You can pay by cash or credit and debit card at the Town Hall.

Road works and road closures

There are currently  roadworks taking place within the town centre. The Town Hall is situated in Talbot Square which is our main office for registering births and deaths.

  • The Town Hall will remain accessible to pedestrians throughout the roadworks
  • Read the up-to-date information regarding Blackpool's road closures.

Births in Wyre and Fylde

If your baby was born in Blackpool but you live in the Wyre or Fylde districts and you are unable to attend the Blackpool offices, you can register by declaration with Lancashire Registration Service who will send the details to us but you won't receive your certificate as quickly using this method. Any certificates you request and pay for with a cheque or postal order will be forwarded to you. Declarations attested at Fleetwood Register Office may take up to two weeks to get to us as it is a part-time office. If you wish to do this, please telephone 0300 123 6705 to book an appointment.

Child's surname and re-registration

The mother of a child can give them any forename and surname she chooses. She does not need the father's permission to give his surname or her own. A man registered on the birth certificate as the father of the child has no right to insist the child is given a particular name, for example, his surname.

A married couple can also choose any surname for their child. It does not have to be the name of either of the parents, although choosing a different surname could cause potential problems in the future with certain organisations.

Once a surname has been recorded it can only be changed if:

  • The parents apply to re-register the baby because they were not married when the baby’s birth was first registered and the father’s details were not recorded
  • The parents marry each other after the child was born. The birth must be re-registered in this case even if the baby was given the father’s surname when the baby’s birth was first registered
  • If the natural parents of the child were married abroad, then we would need to receive authorisation from The General Register Office before we can re-register. Only one of the parents needs to make an appointment to bring the documentation for the registrar to scan and send off to the General Register Office. It can take between 4 to 8 weeks for authorisation to be received.

Further information

The website has more detailed information on:

Correcting a birth record

In the majority of cases, you can’t change a birth certificate once it’s been issued, but you can apply to get a note added to the original entry in the birth register. You can then purchase an updated certificate that shows this note.

Corrections to a birth registration can only be made when the information is wrong (for example a mistake in spelling a person’s name) or it has been proved by DNA testing that the father in the record is not the biological father. There is a fee to correct an error of between £75-£90.

Find more detailed information on how to correct a birth registration from the website.

In some cases, the Births and Deaths Registration Act allows changes to forenames to be recorded in the birth register. You can apply for this to be done if the new forenames were given within 12 months of the birth being registered. There is a statutory fee of £40 for each application.


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