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On street parking charges

On-street parking facilities are provided across Blackpool for residents and visitors to use, particularly in the town centre area.

Bays have restrictions that depend on the location. 

In the town centre, many of the on-street parking bays are classed as 'multi-purpose' which means that the usage and restrictions on these changes at different times throughout the day.

Please ensure that, when parking your vehicle, you check the signs for the bay you are intending to use so you aren't issued with a parking ticket.

Prohibited vehicle types 

The following types of vehicles are prohibited from parking in on-street parking bays:

  • Goods vehicles exceeding 1524 kg unladen weight
  • Passenger vehicles carrying more than 13 passengers exclusive of the driver
  • Caravans, motorhomes (even with a Blue Badge), and vehicles towing trailers.
  • Coaches
  • HGVs

Town centre

Town centre on-street pay and display charges
 Length of timeVehicle typeTariff
Up to 20 Minutes Cars 70p
Up to 40 Minutes Cars 90p
Up to 60 Minutes Cars £1.50
Up to 90 Minutes Cars £3

Promenade, Princes Way, Bond Street, Watson Road 

Promenade, Princes Way, Bond Street, Watson Road pay and display charges
 Length of timeVehicle typeTariff
Up to 1 hour Cars £1.50
Up to 2 hours Cars £2.50
Up to 4 hours Cars £5
Up to 8 hours Cars £8
Up to 10 hours Cars




For dispensations or to report illegally parked vehicles please contact our dispatch office on 01253 476395.

This line is available Sunday to Thursday 7.00am to 9.45pm, Friday and Saturday 7.00am to 11.15pm.