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Highways and traffic fees for 2023/2024

Fees and charges
ClassificationDescription of chargeCharge

Information and administration

Sale of traffic data (per count)



Sale of LTP submission



Searches (Written correspondence from solicitor)



(Additional charge can be made at manager's discretion)



Searches (by telephone / email / searchnet)



Accident data



Admin fees

  • A0



  • A1



  • A2



  • A3



Adding a new address to the gazetteer



Renaming of streets at residents request



  • per household in renamed street



Re-numbering of individual properties



Re-numbering of other properties



Changes in development after initial notification



  • per plot



New developments - Per plot



Stopping up agreements


Traffic management

Skip permits per week



Scaffolds/Hoardings permits per week



Crane permite per week



Provision of 'H' marking



Street works application



Street works licence



Licensing of planting (S142 HA 1980) pa



Temporary road closure (TROY)
(Advertising not included)



Temporary road closure for a commercial special event



Emergency road closures



Traffic management arrangement



Oversail licence fee under S115 of the 1980 Highways Act (objects or structures over the highway eg retractable canopy)



Oversail licence fee under S177 of the 1980 Highways Act (buildings constructed over the highway)


Flower barrows

Licence fee per week



Footpath crossings: supervision fee -



(a) Domestic

£ 190*


(b) Industrial



Supervision and administration of highway openings for sewer





Section 278

Technical approval of section 278 development (Minimum)


Section 38

Technical approval of section 38 development (Minimum)



10% fees on estimated cost (Inspection charge)

(10% of cost estimate)


Service charges for sewers



(a) Building over agreement



(b) Building over consent



Highways information by post



Construction of estate roads (98 spec)



Providing accident claim inspection data to utilities (per claim)



Temporary signing to private development



  • additional cost per each sign requested



Deposits for temporary crossing


(a) Scrapped

Kerbs (each)

Best market price


Seat laggings - scrapped (each)

Best market price


Cold planed material (per tonne)

Best market price

( b ) Miscellaneous sales

Filled sandbags (each)


( c) Emergency out of hours service

Call out charges for highway and drainage matters



Minimum charge (for 2 hours)



Additional hourly rate (after 2 hours)


(d) Administration

Processing of vehicle crossing applications (£20 to planning)



Domestic crossings supervision fee



Tramway permit - minor applications



Tramway permit - substantial applications



  1. If work is requested to be undertaken outside normal working hours a further 20% will be added to the charge
  2. Charges may be subject to a discount for substantial hires at manager's discretion
  3. Damaged or lost equipment to be charges at replacement cost
  4. Minimum charge for any loan to be £10 plus VAT where appropriate
  5. Equipment for hire/sale  subject to availability

NB. all charges can be altered at the manager's discretion.

NB. All charges include VAT at the prevailing rate unless indicated*