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Creating a more modern and safe Blackpool


We've been building safer and more modern streets in the town centre. Some of the new features on Deansgate include: 

  • Benches
  • Better roads and pavements
  • More cycle parking
  • Safer pedestrians access


Anchorsholme was one of the first areas to receive resurfacing treatment as part of our Project Amber scheme.

The initiative was put into place by the highways team to upgrade Blackpool's residential streets with cutting edge resurfacing technology.  

Bispham Village

As part of our local transport plan, we've upgraded the main Bispham Village shopping area to create a better experience.

The village will be improved for pedestrians by:

  • Making it easier to cross the road by introducing raised crossing points and narrow points in the road
  • A reduced speed limit, from 30mph to 20mph
  • Repaving and resurfacing the footpaths and roads
  • New bus shelters, benches, planting, bins, bollards and more
  • Keeping the same amount of free parking spaces

DfT funding

Blackpool Council was allocated £532,000 from the DfT. This was used to undertake a major district centre upgrade scheme consisting of road assets replacement. This was in line with Blackpool Council’s road asset management strategy which ensures that the roads are maintained to a satisfactory standard and that they meet the demands of the residents especially in key social areas.