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Request a dropped kerb or H marking

Dropped kerb

A dropped kerb or vehicle crossing allows a vehicle to cross the pavement legally from the road to your driveway.

You will need to get approval from us which may include applying for planning permission before installing a crossing.

Crossings can be installed by Blackpool Council or by a council approved contractor that has:

  • Public liability insurance of up to £10 million
  • Up to date and valid street works accreditation

Planning permission

Planning permission may be needed before a vehicle crossing can be installed. All applications are sent to  Blackpool Council's planning department who will advise you if and why you need to apply for planning. This usually takes 6-8 weeks.


If you do not need planning permission or after the planning permission has been granted, a highway surveyor will visit your property and arrange for a quotation to be issued and sent to you detailing the works to be carried out and the costs involved.

If you choose us to carry out the work for you it will take up to 6 weeks for the work to be programmed in.


Application fees for a dropped kerb

Dropped kerb costs
Non refundable application fee £68 (including £20 planning fee)
Domestic crossing supervision fee £148
Commercial crossing supervision fee £194

If planning permission is needed additional fees will be required.

Complete and return the specification quotation document and pay the application charge

Please note: If choosing the council to carry out the works, installation fees will need to be paid before works commence

H bar white line markings

H bar markings are white lines that are marked on the road in-front of a vehicular access or driveway.

They are used to remind drivers not to park in front of the  accesses, causing an obstruction.

'H' bars are a nationally recognised marking, and give Blackpool Police and Blackpool Council parking enforcement officers additional evidence to allow them to issue a fixed penalty notice for obstruction. 

For enforcement, the presence of a white 'H' line is not necessary because the law is being broken every time parking takes place in front of any dropped kerb driveway.


H markings are advisory markings only. To report an issue please contact the parking enforcement team directly on 01253 476395, your details will be required to pursue any enforcement action.  


There is a cost of £138 for the installation of a standard H bar marking of up to 4.5 m. Every additional metre is charged at £2.50.

Application pack

To request an application pack for a dropped kerb or H bar marking please complete our highways enquiry form and one will be posted to you within 10 working days.