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The Building Act 1984 empowers us to deal with a building in a dangerous condition.

We have the responsibility for making sure that reported dangerous buildings and structures are dealt with to prevent injury to the public.

These can include: 

  • Lose or falling roof tiles
  • Walls that are in danger of collapse
  • Unstable chimneys
  • Buildings that become unstable because of storms, fire damage or vehicle impact


Once a report is received, one of our building control surveyors will visit the site to assess the danger and associated risks.

If immediate action is needed to remove the danger we have the power to ensure that work is carried out immediately to protect the public.

The cost of this work and any ongoing involvement by building control is chargeable to the building owner.

If the inspection shows the building/structure is not imminently dangerous but is in a state that cannot be left indefinitely, then we can seek a court order which will make the owner carry out works to ensure its long term stability.

If you are concerned about a dangerous building, please contact the building control team on 01253 476219 (or out of hours please call 01253 477600).