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Blackpool Council's Building Control will close on 23 December 2020 and reopen on 4 January 2021

Blackpool Council's building control team carry out inspections at certain stages as work progresses on site.

The stages which require inspection are as follows :

  • Commencement of works
  • Excavations for foundations
  • Hardcore ground floor, ground beams / reinforcement
  • Damp proof course laid
  • Roof structure prior to plasterboard 
  • Structural beams and steelwork       
  • Foul water / rain water drains
  • Occupation of building or part of building
  • Completion

It may be necessary for additional inspections to be made at key stages. This would be organised with the surveyor at the time of commencement of works.

If you are in any doubt about when inspections will be required, please contact the building control section for further guidance.

The team checks the works for compliance with the building regulations (which is a minimum standard) but is not able to oversee every aspect of the works. 

Booking a building control inspection

If you would like an inspection today, you will need to call us on 01253 476219 before 10.00am.