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There are a number of actions you can take right now to help:

  • Switch to an electric vehicle - Use Zap Map to easily find charge points
  • Save energy at home - Turn off lights when you’re not in the room. Unplug chargers and appliances when you’re not using them

  • Insulate your home - You might be able to get free energy efficiency improvements put into your home. This could include loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. This is good for your health and the environment, and you could save money on your bills. The Green Homes Grant through Cosy Homes in Lancashire could help

  • Avoid plastic when you can - Take your own bags when you go shopping and get a reusable water bottle. The Refill app can help you to find places where you can refill your water bottle when you’re on the go

  • Think about the things you buy

    • Buy fruit and veg when they’re in season - they’re cheaper, taste better and don’t have to travel as far to get to you
    • Get organised – plan your recipes and food needs before you shop so that you waste less food
    • Get creative -  think about upcycling furniture
  • Eat less meat - Eat less meat and animal products, like milk and cheese. Try to have a meat-free day each week or switch to plant-based milk

  • Protect our forests and green spaces and plant more treesJoin a friends group in your area to help improve park facilities

  • Recycle - Find out more about what you can recycle in Blackpool and how

  • Talk about it - Talk to your friends, family and neighbours about the climate emergency and what you’re doing about it