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On the beach and along the promenade

  • Beware of incoming tides and sandbanks - they can cut you off
  • Always read and obey the warning signs 
  • Don’t interfere with lifesaving equipment - it is there for your safety 
  • Please respect our safety chains during high water/hazardous conditions 
  • Beware of algae/slippery surfaces along the Promenade, sea wall and steps

In the sea

  • Remember dinghies and inflatables are not made for the sea and can be blown out to sea – so please don’t use them 
  • Swim with others 
  • Don’t swim within 50m of the piers 
  • Keep within your depth 
  • Stay within your capabilities 
  • Check with the Beach Patrol if you are unsure about swimming

Parental supervision

  • Stay with your children at all times 
  • Stay with your children in the sea 
  • Remember children can drown in a few inches of water 
  • Don’t trust others to look after your children 
  • Don’t try to retrieve toys/balls that have been blown out to sea or fallen over the sea wall when the tide is in

Don't swim

  • If you’ve just eaten 
  • After drinking alcohol 
  • If you feel unwell 
  • In the dark 
  • If the water is very cold as swimming in cold water is dangerous

If you get into difficulty

Stick your hand in the air and shout for help.

If someone else gets into difficulty

Contact the beach patrol or call 999 and ask for the Coastguard immediately.

Promenade information signs

Throughout the new promenade new signage has placed at various points where people may consider accessing the beach.

Listed below are some of the hazards that you may encounter and highlighted on the new signs:

  • Red symbols are Prohibition
  • Yellow symbols are Hazards 
  • Mandatory are in blue

Please read and understand them as they are there for your safety.

More Information:

For information on tide times, please visit Admiralty Easytide.

For information on water quality, please visit the Environment Agency.