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Alley gates help tackle many issues including:

  • Domestic burglary
  • Drug-related crime
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Fly-tipping
  • Dog fouling

Alley gate applications

If you want to apply for an alley gate to be installed, please contact your local councillor.

Once we have received a request a successful closure will depend on many factors:

  • The level of crime or antisocial behaviour in the alleyway (evidence collected by Lancashire Police)
  • The highway status of the alleyway (public highways need more formal procedures)
  • If we receive any objections to the closure (we will consult key people from the local area)
  • Availability of funding

We advertise public notices for alley gates in Your Blackpool.

This is distributed to Blackpool residents every 3 months.

Alley gate keys

Before we install an alley gate we will tell households and business in the area on how they can get a key.

Keys cost £8 and will only be issued to those entitled to them.

You may be asked to produce evidence before a key is issued. Keys will only be delivered to properties within the gating scheme.

Where there is a need, extra keys will be provided at the same cost as the original key for your family and friends.

Please note: Due to current working arrangements delivery of alley gate keys may take slighty longer than normal

Reporting faults or broken gates

From time to time faults do occur on the gates.

You can report a problem to us at any time. When you have reported the problem we aim to come to look at it within 48 hours.

Where we can, we will repair it when we visit. If we need to order parts or use a contractor then it may take up to 4 weeks to complete the work.

It will help when reporting the fault to have the location of the gate and the gate number which can be found on the plate fixed to the post.

Reporting misuse of an alley/alley gate

Once we have gated an alley residents should always close and lock the gate to make sure the alley is secure.

The alley shouldn't be used to park vehicles as this causes an obstruction. If vehicles are blocking the alley then please report this to the police on 101.

If the gate is being regularly left open or people are accessing the alley that shouldn't be, please report it to us.