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Dogs on a lead

In certain areas dogs must be kept on a lead, this applies to all roads, pavements and footpaths.

If a dog is not on a lead the owner may be liable to a fine of up to £100.

Areas where your dog must be kept on a lead

  • All public roads including, pavements, footways, alleyways and ginnels, whether adopted or unadopted, whether gated or ungated within the administrative area of Blackpool Borough Council
  • Public open space areas, parks, recreation/amenity areas, gardens as described below
    • All cemeteries and churchyards
    • All car parks
    • Tram tracks and adjacent footpaths where no physical barrier separates the tracks from the footpath or walkway
    • Promenade between North and South Piers, being the open areas of land from the carriageway and or tram tracks
    • Jubilee Gardens, Gynn Square
    • Cenotaph, adjacent to North Pier
    • Marton Mere Local Nature Reserve
    • Fylde Memorial Arboretum, Moor Park Avenue
    • South Promenade tram track grass embankments
    • Starr Gate tram loop
    • George Bancroft Park
    • Stanley Park Italian Gardens and cafe terrace* 

* 1 May to 31 August between 10.00am-4.00pm



Dogs on lead by request

This order is for the whole borough and It includes all public land. It allows an authorised officer or a police officer to request that a dog be put on a lead, when necessary.

Reporting a problem

To report a problem with dogs not being on a lead in these areas, please contact the dog warden on 01253 477477.