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Household bonfires and smoke nuisance

Burning waste produces smoke that contains a range of pollutants. These can have damaging health effects and are a nuisance to people living nearby. Visit DEFRA Burning Guidance for more information.

We have a duty to investigate complaints of smoke nuisance.

If you are causing a nuisance we can serve a nuisance abatement notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

If you do not follow the notice we can take you to court and you can receive a fine of up to £50,000.

Making a complaint

If a bonfire or garden fire from your neighbour is effecting you please report this to us.

You can also take your own action on persistent burning through the courts. 

Please contact the environmental protection team for more information on taking your own action.

Alternative ways of disposing of domestic waste

There are recycling facilities available at the household waste recycling centre on Bristol Avenue, or through the Rover mobile tip service.

Please visit the waste and recycling section for more information.


Environmental protection team

Telephone 01253 477477