Blackpool Council provides a pest control service for domestic properties and commercial customers.

Domestic pest control

Pest control service charges
Type of pest Charge 
Rodents (rats and mice)

£60 up to 3 visits by the pest controller for a 3 bedroom house, advice to prevent future infestations. 

An additional £10 per bedroom will be charged for larger properties.

Insects (ants, fleas, cockroaches etc.)

£60 to cover a one-off for a 3 bedroom house visit and the cost of insecticides used. Please note: we do not treat woodworm beetles or bedbugs.

An additional £10 per bedroom will be charged for larger properties.

Bees and wasps £50

On arrival if the pest control officer decides he doesn't need to carry out a treatment and only needs to offer advice, then we will charge £20.

We will then refund the rest of the fee you paid

A £10 discount is available to pensioners and people of certain benefits.

Please note: All treatments are carried out on a pre-pay basis only

Commercial pest control

Commercial pest control services starts from £130 + VAT per hour.

Pigeon proofing 

We can fix proofing spikes can onto various types of pipes and windowsills to discourage roosting. 

Height restrictions apply.  


To request a pest control service, please call 01253 478413 or 01253 477477

If the pest control officers are unavailable, please leave a brief message on the answering machine outlining your enquiry and they will get back to you on their return to the office.