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Blackpool Council provides a pest control service for domestic properties and commercial customers.

Domestic pest control

Pest control service charges
Type of pest Charge 
Rodents (rats and mice)

£96.40 up to 3 visits by the pest controller for a 3 bedroom house, advice to prevent future infestations. 

An additional £10 per bedroom will be charged for larger properties.

Insects (ants and fleas)

£71.77 to cover a one-off for up to 6 rooms. Additional rooms will be charged £8.04 per extra room and the cost of insecticides used. Please note: we do not treat woodworm beetles or bedbugs.


Bees and wasps

£61.58 to treat affected areas outside and inside.

We can’t treat locations higher than two stories tall, or attics that aren’t boarded. Some types of bees can’t be treated as they are protected. Our Pest control officer will advise on the type of bee you have.

All our staff have been risk assessed to enter properties. 

Customers will be required to maintain social distancing of minimum 1 m away from our staff whilst they are in your premises.

On arrival if the pest control officer decides he doesn't need to carry out a treatment and only needs to offer advice, then we will charge £21.42.

We will then refund the rest of the fee you paid

A £10 discount is available to pensioners and people of certain benefits.

Please note: All treatments are carried out on a pre-pay basis only

Commercial pest control

Please contact our commercial pest control team on 01253 476073 for more information.


To request a pest control service, please call 01253 476073.

If the pest control officers are unavailable, please leave a brief message on the answering machine outlining your enquiry and they will get back to you on their return to the office.

This service is provided by Enveco NW Environmental Services on behalf of Blackpool Council