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Blackpool Council’s tree service team are the custodians of the town's trees. We have developed a comprehensive approach to tree management.

Our team work in partnership with people and organisations to manage, protect and expand the town's trees and woodlands.

The objectives of the team are:

  • To put in place the town’s tree strategy
  • To preserve the town’s tree stock
  • To apply a sustainable tree management regime
  • To ensure the establishment of new trees and woodlands
  • To undertake wildlife conservation
  • To develop education/community involvement opportunities
  • To promote the benefits of trees to the landscape, health and environment
  • To promote arboriculture to the community

Memorial tree scheme

Our memorial tree/bench scheme is currently under revision and we are unable to take any enquiries at the moment.

Tree Preservation Orders

Blackpool Council protects trees and groups of trees by making Tree Preservation Orders where appropriate.

Removal of protected trees will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances:

  • Where trees endanger public safety
  • Where trees are diseased
  • On condition that replacement planting takes place

If you wish to carry out any type of work to a tree that meets any of the following criteria you need the council’s consent:

  • The tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order 
  • The tree is within a conservation area
  • The tree is protected by a condition attached to a planning permission

If you would like any further information on Tree Preservation Orders, please email