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Applications form completion guidance notes

1. The applicant is the person on whose behalf the work is being carried out, e.g. the building owner. 
Please note: as stated in box 9, the applicant may also be responsible for the payment of inspection fees which will be 
invoiced at commencement of work. (Full Plans applications only) 
2. The agent is normally the person employed to act on behalf of the applicant in submitting the application. This is 
normally your architect but can also be your builder. Please note: if you fill in box 2 as your agent, all 
correspondence will go to them. If you fill in box 2 as your builder, all correspondence will go to the applicant in box 1 
3. Any decision documentation will be sent in the post. 
4. If the works involve extensions or alterations to a domestic dwelling please state “domestic”. 
5. Fees. The appropriate fee is dependent on the type of work proposed. A fee scale and methods of calculation are 
 set in the tables below. 

Individual charges

Individual charges are tailor-made for your project and will be calculated on request. If your project is subject to an individual charge please email: 'request for Building Regulation charge', along with a full description of the work you propose. We will contact you regarding this within 24 hours. Alternatively, please phone 01253 476219. 
6. Subject to certain exceptions a Full Plans Submission attracts charges payable by the person by whom or on whose 
 behalf work is to be carried out. Charges for work costing more than £5000 are generally payable in two stages. The 
first charge must accompany the deposit of plans and the second charge is payable after the first site inspection of 
work in progress. This second charge, for which an invoice will be issued, is a single payment to cover all site visits 
and consultations which may be necessary until the work is satisfactorily completed. 
The Building Notice fee is the total of the Plan fee and Inspection fee added together and is payable on submission of 
 the application. 
7. A Conditional approval can be issued for an application for which certain minor information is not yet available. It can 
 require you to provide additional information or a modification to the deposited plans. Once dealt with, you will 
receive a discharge of conditions notice. The normal length of time for dealing with a full plans application is 5 weeks. This period can be extended up to no longer than 2 months from submission to enable you longer to deal with any amendments which may be necessary. 
8. From the 1st January 2005 any new electrical wiring or fixed electrical components for a domestic dwelling or 
 outbuilding must be designed and installed in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations. There are three 
ways of ensuring this which are shown on the application form. The quickest and simplest method of compliance is to 
use an electrical contractor who is a member of an electrical Competent Person Self Certification Scheme approved by 
the Secretary of State. If your electrician is not a member of one of these schemes, you must ensure they are suitably 
 qualified to undertake the installation and be able to design, install, inspect and test the installation in accordance 
 with BS7671. Copies of suitable qualifications must be provided and Building Control will require, at completion, an 
 Electrical Installation Certificate signed by the electrical contractor. If your electrical contractor cannot demonstrate 
 their competence, or you wish to undertake the electrical installation yourself, Building Control will arrange for the 
 testing to be carried out for you. Should you wish to pursue this option, a full detailed design of the installation must 
 be submitted to us for approval. We will then inform you of when we wish to inspect/test the installation for which 
you must provide reasonable access. 
Failure to demonstrate compliance through one of the above routes will prevent the issue of a completion certificate. 
Please note as part of any domestic works should any notifiable electrical works be carried out where the contractor 
is not a member of an Electrical Competent Self Certification Scheme an additional charge will be payable as part of 
your Building Regulations submission.
Please see the fee tables for more information.